Saturday, September 26, 2009

#1. For a while now I have been thinking of what to do with my master bedroom. We painted it when we moved in but thats about all I've done to it. I want to have most of it all planned out before I do anthing. So here it sits... I like the color, but it's nothin special...

Why am I telling you this? that brings me to part 2 of my story today.

#2. I have finally stumbled upon my new found store 'The Door and Trim Store'. I figured there had to be somewhere that had cheaper moulding than Home Depot and Lowes. So I've been on the hunt. And when I search for something, I WILL find it.. I found it! All the prices are half of the wherehouse prices. And they have a huge selection to choose from. Boy, did that get the wheels turnin in my little brain.... I found it on Thursday so today I went there and got some moulding and trim to try something in my bedroom.
Moulding is one of my favorite things for a home. It can add so much to any space. My brother and sister in law put molding above their windows kind of like the pictures I found here. It looks so good! (I don't have pictures of it) Here are some examples of moulding above windows that I really like...

#3. So I began my project yesteday. I used door casing for the sides of the window and the very top piece. The brown piece is a 4 inch piece of MDF as well as the 1 1/2 inch piece. I measured and cut them first. Something is wrong with our nail gun so I just nailed them.

I chose to take have the side pieces end with the bottem of the window, but you could just cut them at a 45 degree angle and use the same casing across the bottem. That is a little easier. Then in the garage, I layed the other pieces out a few different ways to decide which look I wanted...

They are all just slightly different. I liked option 1 the best, but Scott liked the 3rd one. So I went with the 3rd one. It's his room too right? :)So the next step was to put the thin piece right along the top of the window.

Then I put the 4" MDF on top of that. This piece can be any height you want. A 16 foot piece of this 4'' stuff was only 4$ so I went with that.

For the top piece, I used the same casing that is on the sides of the windows. I just cut the bottem edge off at a 45 degree. The way the detail is on the casing, it resembles crown moulding on top.

That is all I was able to get done so far. After I put the bottem piece on I will prime and paint it white. This is what they look like as of now.

(Sorry the pictures are bad, I took them with my phone.)
I am happy with how the windows look so far and I cant wait to see the finished look. Maybe seeing them daily will help me decide what to do with the rest of the room. So more to come with my new looking windows.....

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