Monday, December 6, 2010

Large and in charge

Finally I have another before and after to share. Now when I saw this, it didn't have quite the 'cute' hidden potential that I am usually searching for.
But the thing that caught my eye was it's size.
It is Giant!
My goal was to make it look like something you might see in the store Found. Everything there is very unique and they have tons of huge things. That is why I liked this.
So this one is mine to keep. I can fit so much in this. I included a picture with me next to it to show you it's size.



maybe the pictures don't show it's size. It's way cooler in real life.
P.S my pictures are dark because my room is a dark green color.


  1. Me likes. I love the hardware you chose too.

  2. sooo... i'm super intrigued by this store you mentioned... can you tell me more about found?

    the dresser looks awesome, your distressing is really good!

  3. Great job! The distressing is really eye-catching!

  4. Very nice, I love the brass pulls with the cream!


  5. I love what you have done with this piece. The hardware you used was the perfect choice!

  6. Wow! That's a great dresser, so cool what you did with it.

  7. Thanks for your comment! I've looked at your blog before and I love your work! Keep in touch, I love networking with fellow Snowflake-tonians ( I can't think of a smooth way to say that).

    I'll have to get Sean that bonus,
    Audrey Poulsen Cooper