Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have created a new blog and am inviting anyone who is looking at this, or following this blog, to check it out.

It will basically be the same, just with an easier name and easier web address. Plus a few new fun things.

Hope to see you over there!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

updated white dresser

This is the newest dresser I have finished.
When I got this, it had really cute handles already on it but it is so old
that they bent all up when I removed the little handles.
I was quite sad about it but decided to put a few pulls on the bottem to update it a little. I love how it turned out and as always I adore the casters.
This is the only Before picture I could find, but I'll keep searching.


from WhisperWood Cottage. Its such a cute blog that I love. Click this link here to go see tons of other D.I.Y projects, plus browse through her blog for great pictures and inspiration!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Three ring-pulls

Here is a dresser I recently finished.


This dresser was very unfortunate looking when I brought it home.
It had some sort of goo running down the front of it that had hardened.
It was sick. This is the one that I used the paint stripper on.


Anyway, I love how this one turned out. A little more elegant looking.
It would be perfect next to a bed I think.
Here are some pictures I have found with a similar style of dresser. Now these are way nicer and way more expensive, but they give ideas other than a simple little nightstand.

{Restoration Hardware}

{I cant remember where I saw this one}

{Restoration Hardware}
{Restoration Hardware}

Now that the Holidays are just about over, and my classes are done, I feel like I will really be able to get some things done around here.
I have furniture up the wazoo that needs to be done and cannot wait to get to it.
So hopefully I will be updating alot more. I say that every time but I mean it this time.
This dresser is for sale if anyone is interested.
Email me for details.

The DIY Show Off

Monday, December 6, 2010

Large and in charge

Finally I have another before and after to share. Now when I saw this, it didn't have quite the 'cute' hidden potential that I am usually searching for.
But the thing that caught my eye was it's size.
It is Giant!
My goal was to make it look like something you might see in the store Found. Everything there is very unique and they have tons of huge things. That is why I liked this.
So this one is mine to keep. I can fit so much in this. I included a picture with me next to it to show you it's size.



maybe the pictures don't show it's size. It's way cooler in real life.
P.S my pictures are dark because my room is a dark green color.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Once again this week has been a busy one. I even had the day off yesterday, planning to spend some time in the garage but homework takes me like 5 hours instead of 2 that I think it will. (I'm not real bright)
I hope, hope, hope I will get to work on something this weekend.
but until then...
Here is a Sneak Peak at my clock I am making for my living room
which I am very excited about..

And a small glimpse at what I began sanding on Saturday.....

Yes. That is a Keyhole you see!. along with a very cute handle.
And Yes. It does have adorable little casters for feet.
All of which make me giddy inside.
Until next time..

Paint Stripper Tutorial

Tutorial: My Experience with a Paint Stripper

I experimented with Using Paint Stripper which I have been a little afraid of. But I picked up a dresser and it has a Terribly Horrendous Paint Job as you can see.
Thick, Globby and weird.

The blue paint was Scary and no match for a sander. I had no other choice.
This is what brand I used, and the supplies I used as well.

The Stripper says it is a spray on but I just globbed a thick layer on and spread it with my hands, Double Gloved.
Here is what it looked like with the stripper applied.
You can see it starting to warp the paint after a few minutes.
I let it sit on there for about 15 to 20 minutes.

After it has been on 15-20 min, take your scraper and start scraping it off.
It actually glides off. Easier than I expected.

Scrape as much off as you can. It comes off in huge Globs of paint.
Just Slopp it onto some news paper.
(You will accuire quite the pile which I managed to step in 3 times. )

If it leaves any areas of paint that don't scrape easily,
just put more stripper on & let it sit
for a few minutes.
Once you have Scraped everything off that you can,
Use the wire brush & scrub all the areas that have any details like
the corners or any groove that still have junk in them.
Here is a picture of the plain wood after it has been scraped.

Now you can sand it smooth or sand it down all over to the bare wood.
It is a little time consuming but not as bad as I thought.
I would only recommend this on pieces with mostly flat surfaces.
It would be a nightmare to try this on something that had lots of detailing.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Lovely White

Introducing... The Lovely White



This is an old dresser I was lucky enough to stumble upon one day.
Probably one of the best finds I've ever come upon.
It was a quite rickety and needed alot of work as you can see from close up pictures below.I managed to restore the missing pieces and with a covering of paint,
miracles can happen.



There were cracks and chips in the edges, then the detailed work on the front of it was all chipped off and coming off. So that took a little repairing.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Charcoal Grey China Hutch

This is a china cabinet I finished a few weeks ago.
I wish I could find a before picture but I couldn't find one.
When I got the hutch I had no shelving so I just measured the inside and ordered 2 pieces of 1/4'' glass.

Here is a detailed look at the bottom

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here are 2 little nightstands I finished.
They just needed a little makeover and now they're looking good as new. This was my experimental paint job which turned out way cute. They are a light grey with aged areas and white coming through.
My new favorite paint treatment.



and yes. My entertainment center Will be getting this color.
Someday when I have a spare minute.
So that is my new goal.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lovely little Desk

This lovely little desk found a new home this morning. I finished it last week when I had time off. It turned out really good. I like that it turned out very neutral with the Charcoal Grey finish. It will look good in an office and not be too girly.



& Clothed
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