Monday, October 19, 2009

Step by Step chair Re-d0

1.) Remove staples with needle nose plyers & take material off.

- Sand out any scratches and nicks on wooden areas that will be visible.
- Prime wooden areas that will be painted.

-After priming, sand with a fine sand paper. Wipe with damp cloth
-Paint 2 coats. After it dries, Sand again with very fine sand paper & wipe off
- Seal. I use polyeurathane with a Satin finish.

-Lay old pieces of matieral out on top of the back side of new material.
Trace with pencil and cut each piece out.

-Lay the piece of material on the chair and center it so it will stretch over the batting evenly. Use a nail gun and start at one side, nailing the material into place, working your way around the chair. My chair had large pins in some areas. They came in so handy because they cover up any folded areas so you cannot see a seam. (notice on the side of the seat.)


  1. Great job on the chair transformation....I appreciate the tutorial too!

  2. thank you SO much for the tutorial. i've got a flea market chair that's ready for a makeover, but i'm scared to tackle such a big reupholstery project. your chair turned out awesome so i hope mine will, too! :)

  3. Shelb, WEll DONE!!! Awesome! I love it.